Find the Perfect Beach in Phuket Thailand

Find the Perfect Beach in Phuket Thailand

Some of the world’s most unforgettable beach holidays happen here, whether vacationing alone, with friends, family, or if you’re honeymooning. When someone hears Phuket, it is immediately associated with spectacular sandy stretches. But when in Phuket, where exactly do you go to enjoy the postcard-perfect beach, or the beach that suit your vibe?

If the object of your Phuket visit is to find out just how alive or vibrant beach life can be in this part of the world, Patong Beach should be your first destination of choice. By the sheer number of visitors to this beach, you can say it’s the most popular in Phuket. This is a busy and crowd-friendly beach, and nightlife here is electrifying as most would describe. If you don’t mind the crowd, and if part of your goal is to enjoy crystal clear water and white sand, this is the beach for you. Patong, itself is pretty convenient for vacationers as it offers a plethora of hotel and restaurant options. Even the shoppers and diners will find the area to be a perfect respite to a day on the beach. Its shopping center is something you should check out. You might just find something that will fascinate you and be a perfect gift for those back home..

For a long lazy walk on the beach and the enjoyment of plenty of space, Karon Beach is a great choice. Despite being the second longest beach in Phuket, Karon is not as crowded as its neighbor Patong. It exudes a more laidback atmosphere. The nice thing about spending time at Karon Beach is you usually have a vast personal space even while finding comfort in the presence of other tourists, who are also seeking a more serene environment. The beautiful water is intensely inviting too. You’ll also find that Karon has a pretty decent number of restaurants and pubs. Nightlife here is low key. The kind you probably like if you’re not into the huge party crowd but would still want to enjoy a few drinks.

If you feel Karon Beach is still pretty crowded, head to Phuket’s secret beach – Banana Beach. With its palm trees, clear blue shallow water ideal for swimming, and exceptional sand, this beach is just going to blow you away. Banana Beach is also a popular snorkeling spot. It’s not totally without people around but it is not as explored or visited by many. Perhaps, this is due to its more isolated located. Unlike in Patong and in Karon where you can easily have access to a number of restaurants, including the western chains; at Banana Beach, choices are more limited. Some visitors even opt to just bring packed meals and eat them under a coconut tree.

If the secret beach, with its charm and just a handful people even during the peak season, still doesn’t prove peaceful enough for you, try the deserted beach Haad Sai Kaew. Here you will most likely have the beach all to yourself. After your much needed time alone, head to one of the thatched roof open cottages to satisfy your hunger. There’s just no better way to cap a solitary walk or swim on a gorgeous beach than feasting on a nice fresh seafood meal!

Whichever type of beach person you are, Phuket has one that’s perfect for you!

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