Siberia Top Most 5 Eco-Attractions

Top 5 Eco-Attractions

Uncover the stunning beauty of the Sayan Mountains (Eco-Attractions Siberia)

The Sayan Mountains with jagged peaks and deep forested valleys shaped by tremendous natural forces are one of Siberia’s greatest natural treasures. Because of their exceptional level of biodiversity and ecological significance, they were included in the ‘Global 200’ priority conservation regions identified by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). The Sayan Mountains (part of Altai-Sayan ecoregion) are located in the centre of the Asian continent being the natural border between Siberian taiga and the cold steppes of Central Asia. These mountains offer great hiking and wildlife experience. This website allows you to explore and plan your trip to the unforgettable Ergaki Nature Park and Borus Massif of the Shushensky Bor National Park located in these mountains.

Discover the World Natural Heritage sites of Altai and Tuva (Eco-Attractions Siberia)

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has developed and maintains the World Heritage List which enlists the world’s most exceptional and valuable places with unique natural and cultural heritage of the humankindThis inscription provides additional guarantees of conservation to these remarkable areas. One of such Natural World Heritage Sites in Central Siberia are the Golden Mountains of Altai represented by Altaisky Zapovednik in the Republic of Altai.

Listen to the legendary throat-singing and folk music, (Eco-Attractions Siberia)

The south of Central Siberia has not only spectacular landscapes, rich wildlife, but also its original music, including the unique throat-singing – considered a must in the itinerary for those passing through this part of the world. The phenomenal gift of producing a melody of two, even three tones simultaneously by one person has been popular among the nomadic herders of Central Asia since the ancient times and the tradition is kept until the present. You can hear the singing either at many concerts and festivals organized in the region or within your eco-tour in Tuva or Altai if requested. Local masters happily show their extraordinary art to foreigners and give lessons to those interested to have a try.

Trace the footsteps of Lenin’s exile in Siberia (Eco-Attractions Siberia)

Even the Great October Revolution, one of the major events of the world history of the 20th century, started in St. Petersburg in 1917, it was Central Siberia which had a tremendous influence on Lenin’s thinking and his subsequent revolutionary engagement in the establishment. He was in exile from 1897 to 1900 in Shushenskoe – a quaint Siberian village, now one of the prime attractions of the region. The house where he spent his exile is part of an extraordinary open-air museum (skansen) and the wooden shelter ‘Salash’ where he used to relax during his hunting and walking trips in the taiga can be visited in the Perovo Forest of the Shushensky Bor National Park.

Embark on a boat trip in the Sayan Sea to Tuva (Eco-Attractions Siberia)

Far removed from the hustle and bustle of the daily life, in the southern corner of Krasnoyarsk region lies one of the most stunning unspoilt natural areas of Siberia. This far-flung territory can be visited in comfort on board of a special boat cruising in one of the largest water reservoirs ever constructed in the world. Wildlife lovers and photographers can encounter wild animals such as the Siberian Mountain Goats (Capra Sibirica) which are regularly seen grazing on the banks, rarely scared by the passing ships. With every bend a new picture unfolds of majestic mountains.
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